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Putting a heart in the Valley

Cafe com Abraco is a Brazilian women's group that meets monthly around the Bay Area. At our events you can network and share your life experiences to empower other women.

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  • resilience

Cafe Makers

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Adriana Veres

Adriana believes happy people do not feel the need to be superior. She holds the power of crazy and follows her intuition. Creative and adventurous.
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Ana Luiza Correa

Ana Luiza is a breath of fresh air! Fashion designer disguised SAHM lived in 4 countries, did 12 fashion shows, raising 3 boys! Self-confessed Silicon Valley survivor due to high coffee doses and hugs!
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Christine Nazareth

Award-winning actress, writer, playwright, Christine has more energy than a kindergarten class. If anyone is in need of a laugh, she’s your in-house comedian.
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Julia Veres

British turned Valley girl – writer, movie lover, photographer! There is nothing she cannot do: determination and perseverance are her best friends!
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Milena Queiroz

She is rock solid! A Brazilian with a Californian heart, Milena holds a BA in Social Work and founded MB Life Management. Great entrepreneurial mind. Her measurement for success is: happiness!
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Vanisi Leal

High tech meets creativity! Computer Science, Intelligence Operations, and Cybersecurity degrees; she works for a top technology company. Vanisi coaches you on how to succeed in the Valley.

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