2017 was a blessing!

A blessing in disguise…

It was the year I experienced the most heartache

The year I prayed the hardest

The year I cared the most

The year I felt what it meant to be completely vulnerable

To be judged

To be criticized

To be condemned

To be treated unfairly

To be used

It was also the year I learned to heal

Myself and others

The year I witnessed miracles

The year I felt truly grateful for!

Grateful for the heartaches

As they taught me I can go there

Grateful for the criticism

As I could prove I can do even better!

Grateful for my own mistakes

For my children’s mistakes

For your mistakes

As they showed me LIFE is so much greater than

m i s t akes

That my children, you and I

Are so much more valuable than opinions




Life is about learning

Learning that neither you or I am the holder of the truth

And truth is

No one knows

No one cares

No one is ready

We are all under construction

And in the end

If all I have to offer to this world is my love,

It should be enough for you,

It should hold,

And it should come straight back to me

We are all under construction

So let’s look around

And help build one another

For an awesome 2018!

Happy New Year!

Our dear Makers! The ones who make our Cafe com Abraco events always a success! Women who offer their precious time to spread love towards you and I. Missing on the pic: Ana Luiza, Maria Tanaka, Margarida Moniz.


Adri xxx