Holiday Hope

I have actively participated in many communities (women) and have attended several events around the Bay Area (networking, talks, job fairs, cultural, schools, business dinners) in the last 6 years. This question remains in my mind:

Society is clearly hurting: what are we doing to bring healing?

High levels of anxiety and depression are the illnesses of this century. Our mental health is deeply compromised. Our children, partners, friends, neighbors are being affected and everyone is fighting with whatever tools they have.

We know technology does play a major part in our ailments. Even though at birth we do not seem to notice any gadgets attached to our baby’s body, as they grow up we can clearly spot their iPhones attached to their butts. It is a fact.

Children are exposed to content they shouldn’t have been and therefore do not have the maturity to process what they are seeing. Teenagers live in the wild west of internet and are fast forwarded into adulthood without a fully functioning adult brain. Bullying takes a monstrous dimension being perpetrated online and taking away a 6th grade girl night’s sleep with the letters: ‘YOU ARE UGLY AND NO ONE LIKES YOU’ flashing in her head.

Parents are overloaded, lost. Parents are the ones who have to protect their children, impose limits, boundaries. Parents are finding solace online. Online parenting.

Humans have not changed that much. They still love nature, feel energized by the sunshine, pacified by the sound of rain, refreshed by a morning walk and relieved by a sincere hug.

Remedy is at hand. At our hands!

Acknowledging there’s an elephant in the room is the first step. Looking for professional help is second. Having empathy for one another is a powerful feeling. A very difficult one to master, but one that we are all capable of. Listening without judgement and much affection is empathy.

At Cafe com Abraco we work really hard and passionately to bring you the peace of mind you deserve. A sacred space for your mind, body and soul. At our events, we love to hear your life story and to share ours with you; we grow together!

We believe there are plenty of opportunities here in the Valley for you to network, to grow professionally, to learn a new skill, to innovate, to study a new subject, to start your business.

Therefore, what we offer you instead is: the basic human need – love.  Sometimes, all you need is that one person who believes in you!

Help is at your hands, reach out!

I am here and willing to give and receive a lot of hugs this December! Gather around, chose a place and I will be there! No one should be feeling lonely, sad or hopeless this end of year. Come and have a cup of tea with me – I promise I will at least make you laugh!

love to all of you sisters out there,

and a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Adri xxx