Holiday Hope

I have actively participated in many communities (women) and have attended several events around the Bay Area (networking, talks, job fairs, cultural, schools, business dinners) in the last 6 years. This question remains in my mind: Society is clearly hurting: what are we doing to bring healing? High levels of anxiety and depression are the illnesses of[…]

Queremos ser bem humanos

Amanha tem Café com Abraço! Ao invés de ir para cama e guardar as energias, eu estou aqui, com mil pensamentos na minha cabeça! Imaginando vocês, mulheres seguidoras do Café, trocando várias idéias, expondo suas incríveis opiniões – adoro! Essa nossa troca de experências dentro do Café com Abraço é muito energizante! É um espaço[…]

Hope in a Bag – Putting a ❤ in the Valley and Beyond!

December 2016. Pedro, a 9-year-old Brazilian boy, who lives with his family in Mountain View, Silicon Valley was checking out his money jar and counted $21. Pedro’s mother, Marcella Gadbem, asked him: ‘Wow, Pedro! What are you going to to with ‘so much money’!? It was then that Pedro told his mom he’d love to[…]