And before I forget…

                          It would be very easy now for me, at age 45, having one girl in College, another in High School and a little boy in 2nd grade; to say to young mothers: Do this, or DO NOT do this! Judgement and unwanted[…]

Holiday Hope

I have actively participated in many communities (women) and have attended several events around the Bay Area (networking, talks, job fairs, cultural, schools, business dinners) in the last 6 years. This question remains in my mind: Society is clearly hurting: what are we doing to bring healing? High levels of anxiety and depression are the illnesses of[…]

Cafe Avante 3! @ Intel

Rebeca Galencser, International Career Coach, was phenomenal delivering her Career Coaching Series on April’17 at our Cafe Avante event at Intel. Cafe Avante, a spin-off of Cafe com Abraco, has recently launched its own Facebook Group for women to share their professional advice and network. The group is a platform for women in the Bay Area who are[…]